The Sanford Guide To Hiv/Aids And Hepatitis Therapy 2019 (5

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Item#: 9781944272128
Author Saag
Publisher Login Brothers Canada
Cover Soft Cover
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The Sanford Guide to HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis Therapy 2019

  • 5 x 8 inches (Spiral Edition)  
  • ISBN: 9781944272128

This new spiral-bound edition combines the HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis guidelines into a single publication for increased ease of use. Providing in-depth guidance in the use of the latest agents and treatments, the Sanford Guide to HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis Therapy is a valuable supplement to the Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy.

Updates to HIV/AIDS Therapy content include:

  • Information on new and recently approved antiretroviral (ARV) agents and combination formulations
  • A new table tracking drugs in the development pipeline
  • Updated post-exposure prophylaxis protocols
  • References to the most recent guidelines

Updates to Hepatitis Therapy content include:

  • Information on the current generation of DAAs for HCV
  • Guidance on the management of Hepatitis B (HBV), including HBV reactivation as a result of HCV treatment
  • Changes throughout to reflect recent guidelines and reports in the published literature