(re)x: Recycled Ocean Plastic Hangers, 10 Pack

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Hangers - (Re)X: Recycled Ocean Plastic 10pack


Colour: Navy & Grey


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These earth-friendly hangers are made from 100% recycled ocean and post-consumer plastics. Thoughtfully designed and sustainably produced, (re)x hangers are engineered to last longer and outperform their traditional single-use plastic counterparts.

  • Pack of 10 clothing hangers in Navy

  • 100% recycled, sourced from ocean and multi-layer plastics

  • 100% biodegradable packaging, handprinted and assembled by a single mom's group in South Africa

  • Increased hanger thickness (50%) for lasting durability and load strength

  • Wider vertical pant bar holds up even the heaviest garments 

  • Reinforced brace at the bridge of the hanger to reduce breakage

  • Integrated fish-hook style garment hooks