Nclex Medication Review

Item Information
Item#: 9781506276359
Author Kaplan Nursing
Publisher Simon & Schuster Canada
Cover Paperback
On Hand 2

Kaplan Nursing

Truly pocket-sized and light, Kaplan's NCLEX Medication Review provides a concise, portable review of 300 medications frequently prescribed in clinical practice. This slim volume reviews only the medications and key details that are most likely to be tested--ideal for the home stretch of exam prep, when exam candidates can't afford to be overwhelmed.

Streamlined Review


  • Flashcard-style pages with more than 300 frequently prescribed drugs grouped by medication category & subcategory
  • Expertly revised and up-to-date content, with nursing considerations, adverse effects, and purpose for each drug
  • REORGANIZED to combine related therapies and facilitate learning of meds with similar profiles
  • NEW sections: anesthetics and herbals (now tested on the NCLEX)
  • NEW features: important alternate uses of medications, black box warnings
  • Appendix of medical abbreviations for quick reference
  • Alphabetical index of medications by generic name for quick page reference
  • Convenient phonetic pronunciation keys

Expert Guidance



  • Simple, powerful tips for retaining medication content
  • Reviewed and updated by Kaplan's team of expert nursing faculty and pharmacology specialists.
  • We invented test prep--Kaplan ( has been helping students for almost 80 years. Our proven strategies have helped legions of students achieve their dreams.