Signing Naturally Units 1 - 6 Studentset

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Item#: 9781581212105
Author Smith Cheri
Publisher Dawnsign Press
Cover Paperback
On Hand 26

Cheri Smith

Features include homework for out-of-class study that corresponds to classroom lessons. A topic index allows students to find specific parts of their homework that include key vocabulary and grammar. Culture notes and bios of amazing Deaf people increase students' understanding of the Deaf World. Seven and an half hours of video on the DVDs feature 12 diverse native signers modeling clear American Sign Language. Signing is paced for new learners. DVD functions also allow students to answer questions before moving on. Signing Naturally is one of the most widely used ASL curricula throughout the United States and Canada. And now you can see for yourself, Signing Naturally Units 1-6 is truly the BEST made better!