Hundred Year Trek : A History Of Student Life At UBC

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Item#: 9781772032239
Author Goldfarb Sheldon
Publisher Heritage House Publ Co
Cover Paperback
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Event on Campus

Great Trek 100th Anniversary + Time Capsule
Friday, October 28th | 1 - 2:30PM
Great Trek Cairn | 2036 Main Mall

On October 28, 1922 the students of UBC marched through Vancouver to Point Grey to pressure the government to resume construction of the university and the government agreed. The Great Trek as it was later called is quite possibly the greatest example of student activism at UBC.
On October 28, 2022 we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the trek at the Great Trek Cairn on Mail Mall.


A vibrant look back through a century of student life, achievement, and activism at UBC.